Thursday, October 02, 2014

What Me Senior?

At Kroger's yesterday I was ready to check out and the only cashier available had a sign over his counter that said "15 ITEMS MINIMUM".  I counted and I had 17 items.  The guy was getting ready for me.  I was about to leave and stand in line at another cash register.  He motioned me to come on up.  I told him I had 17 items.  He motioned me forward anyway,  in a way, he said, "Who Cares?"

While I unloaded my 17 items onto the belt I was about to comment to the cashier about having 2 items over by saying something like, "I bet on Senior Citizens' Day on Wednesday, you see more people abiding by the 15 item rule."  But I didn't get to say that, because an elderly lady pulled in behind me and her grocery cart was full, several times over the 15 items rule.   She disproved my theory before I even got to say it. She didn't apologize for  having over the minimum rule.

I remember seeing her earlier in the store.  She had on shots that ended several inches above he knees.  It is not that I disapproved of her shorts but it was just rare to see.
Anyway, I paid for the 17 items and went out to the car.  Anna came out with her mother's groceries and we loaded them in the car.  Next to us was a cute little white sports car with the top down.

As I was rolling our carts to the cart holder I saw the elderly lady that was behind me in  line pushed her grocery cart up to the little white sports car and started loading it up.
I said to her, "I would have never matched your little car up to you."

She laughed and said she has been driving sports cars for the past 30 years.    She added she is 75 years old and won't drive anything else.  She is two years older than me.

Not that it matters, but  in the shotgun seat was a large stuff bunny.

I asked if I could take her picture and she proudly said yes.



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