Monday, October 06, 2014

Atlanta's Best Kept Secret No Longer a Secret

On WABE public radio the other day when I turned it on  Cascade Falls off Sand Town Road in Atlanta was being discussed.  I only caught some of it.  My ears perked up when I realized they were talking about a little known Civil War site.  It isn't well known because it is not in the history books according to the speaker.  He said it is not in the history books because the winner s get to write the history books.  He was saying at Cascade Falls the Confederates lured a whole company into the Cascade Falls area and it is shaped like a horseshoe.   So, the Rebs got the Yanks in the area which was a trap and decimated them - so said the guy being interviewed, which I  take it he was a historian.  Also mentioned it got its name because there is a waterfall that falls down some rocks, cascade style.  The radio people stopped and asked several people that visited the falls - they said it was the best kept secret.  I suppose  it WAS - not now.   Thanks WABE!  Did you know Atlanta had a waterfall?

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