Thursday, October 16, 2014

the "Do You Know Who I Am?" card

When in a squeeze some celebrities have made the news by playing their "Do you know who I am ?" card.   Sarah Palin, Reese Witherspoon, and George Zimmerman to name a few.  Also you might could add me to the list.

Back in the  late 1950s I hung out with a bunch that was always looking for a party or sometimes we carried the party with us.  On one weekend night we went to Acworth Lake, across the water from Acworth Beach.  We had a bottle of gin.  It was the first time I drank gin.    After we sat around  talking sipping gin we decided to pa the beach pavilion a visit.  We drove around and to the beach parking lot.  We thought we would drink one last beer before going in.  Our car facing a grassy bank with not to sharp of an incline.  Just when we opened our beer cans I heard a jingle of keys and looked up - down the hill came a flashlight bouncing in the darkness as it came down the little hill.  The jingle were keys, gun,  handcuffs, and whatever else police wore around their belts. 

An elderly policeman asked if "You boys drinking?"

Billy Joe Royal* said, "No sir."

The policeman said, "Don't lie to me boy, I saw you!"

He pulled out a pad and began writing our names down.   When he got to me, I gave him my name.  He stopped writing and said, "Are you kin to Ed Hunter?"*

"Yessir.  He is my daddy."

He put his notepad back into his pocket and said, "Listen here!  We don't allow drinking here!  Not for adults, teenagers, especially not teenagers,!"  I am letting you go with a warning this time.  I want y'all to leave and not come back.  Which we did.

*That is right, "Down in the Boondocks" Rockabilly Billy Joe Royal.  In about 2 to 3 years from then he could have played his "Do you know who I am card?"

** Ed Hunter was Chief of the Cobb County Police at the time.


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