Friday, October 10, 2014

Bob-Bob-Bobbing On Lake Allatoona

Our son Adam took us on a Pontoon ride across Lake Allatoona Thursday.  He had us meet him at Glade Marina on Kings Camp Road, where he keeps his boat.   When we drove up I immediately recognized  some small cabins and the terrain.  I am pretty sure it was where my late friend Bubba Johnson's parents had their cabin back in the 1950s.  It is now a gated community owned by a corporation.

I was unsure how to dress.  Would I fall in?  Years ago if I even got close to a lake or a creek I would fall in,  Should I dress in shorts, maybe a swim suit underneath?.... No, I'll dress like a pirate and say AAARRRGG a lot.

Allatoona has many coves and many little creeks and a several rivers that feed into it.   When I see a map of it, as I told Adam, it reminds me of a Chinese Dragon.  He said it reminds him of two Chinese Dragons kissing.  I am proud to say he learned  the places on  Allatoona like the back of his hand.

Adam is a good boatswain.  And he knows and obeys the safety rules.  He gave us a good trip..... we are still floating in our minds.

Pssst!  Remember to click on each image to make it bigger and better.

The first bridge is I-75 going North, the second is the I- 75 going South.  The third bridge is the Old 41 Highway (4 Lane) going both ways.  Interesting, beyond the bridge one was a dead woman who would occasionally float to the surface but when fishermen tried to grab her she would sink again.  Finally, someone with a net got her.  That was back in the 1950s,  

We noticed there is a net on each side of the bridge full of litter.  I think the authorities realized that a lake is such an easy target to lop trash out the window.  The net solves most of that problem.

This, we think is a Hawk's nest on top of the pole.

Girl Scout Camp

Allatoona Pass
Allatoona Pass was a notesworthy Civil War fight.  It all happened before there was a lake.  My great grandfather William Hunter's  unit fought here, but I don't think he did.  This is after the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, where he was shot in the knee and sat out the rest of the war.

This is the bridge that goes from the I-75 to Red Top Mountain.  Over to the left their is a peninsular sticking out.  When I was a kid and they just created the lake, on Labor Day they had sail boat races here.  Our neighbors belonged to a civic organization that was selling concessions along the shore where they expected hoards of people to gather  to watch.  The neighbor got me an ice cream cart, the honky kind of cart, refrigeration by hot ice and put me on that peninsular.   Not many people came around so I got bored and started skidding rocks in the lake, then I threw a chunk of hot ice in the lake and was amazed to see it bubble and bubble.  So, I threw some more hot ice into the lake.  The ice cream softened.  Moral:  Never trust a young kid to work without supervision.

Allatoona Dam.
On the other side the Etowah River flows down the valley to Cartersville and Rome.  One time my late friend Sam Carsely, who was a Ga Tech student, studying aviation  physics and air dynamics wanted to try flying paper airplaines off the Dam into the Etowah Valley and see what they would do - he believed that that wind would carry the paper airplanes back up in the air... he was right.  Each time they got a certain height they would fall and a wind would swoop them way up again.  They might still be doing that, maybe for eternity.

Allatoona Yacht Club
We had our 1960 Senior Party , Phase II, here.

A houseboat being towed.  Why?  Repossessed?  Did he have one of those "under water" mortgages?

Victoria Landing
As a teenager and beyond this was our main getaway for years.  

More Victoria Landing

A probable hawk nest on top of a bridge frame.

Allatoona Landing.
My dad and I went with his brother Herbert Hunter from this landing many times fishing and to check on Herbert's lines... I think he called them "trout lines".  One time I remember he caught a big live green turtle which didn't look very happy.  I keep looking at him in a tank under one of the boat's seats.  Another time, I helped my friend Larry Southern's father get a abandoned boat off the bank that I suppose Mr. Coy Southern claimed.  About four or five of us was in the operation.


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