Monday, October 27, 2014

Skirting About This Past Saturday

First we went to Stilesboro Biscuits to eat breakfast but mostly to hear fiddler player Danny Bermel play.  We heard on Saturday morning he had a gig there.  I kind of imagined he would be off in a corner playing his violin the sophisticated way he plays.  I was surprised to go inside and got hit with a blast of shit-kicking bluegrass with a fast beat.  You just wanted to clap, whoop, and maybe dance.

Danny was a member of the Jot'Em Down Boys until recently when he and Bob Putman moved on.  And Bob was there too playing his guitar.  Unfortunately, Bob's back was to us so I did not get to take a picture of him playing.

It was crowded in the tiny building.  There was only elbow room and only about 4 or 6 tables.  I don't know how we managed to go straight to an empty table with so many people standing. 

Maybe it was the pathetic  way I pitched a fit.

Next we went to downtown Marietta to the Farmers' Market.   I guess the name along with these pictures tell what the Farmers' Market is about.

Then, we went to the Confederate Cemetery.  We read of a new CSA soldier statue and wanted to welcome him.  The sun was blaring, which causes choppy looking photos. 

And I will spare you our shopping details at other places.


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