Monday, October 27, 2014

GOOD NEWS! This Blog Is In a Tailspin!

GOOD NEWS!  According to my stat counter that tells me how many people visited this blog today has hit lowest number ever.  Seriously!  

I could have all my readers visit me at my home and I could even afford to feed them (providing they didn't go back for seconds) - so that is good news, in a way,  and then we could almost all go and enjoy the outside air on the deck; several may have to stand in the yard, so watch where you step.  My dog hangs out in that area a lot.

Fact: Not many weeks ago I normally received  twice as many visits before breakfast than I have received the past two days combined.

Another bit of good news over my low on-line blog attendance is that I have more freedom.  I can do as I want!  I'm not trying to please anybody!  Which the numbers well back up my statement.

Another bit of Good News:  As far as attendance goes, the only way left to go is up!..... right?

And here even some more Good News - or maybe it is just  Funny News - badly attended blogs get paid the same as the highly attended HAW HAW HAW! 



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