Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Report: North Ga History

A NORTH GEORGIA JOURNAL O FHISTORY, Volume I, compiled and edited by Olin Jackson.

The main contributors are Robert S. Davis, Jr., Jimmy E. Anderson,  Olin Jackson.  Published by Legacy Communications, Inc, 65 Roswell St, Bldge 400, Alpharetta, Ga, 30201, 1992.

If you have any interest in North Georgia Mountains and wondered about the history of its natives you might want to read this book.  It is a collection of articles and essays about the Civil War head-ons, hangings, genealogy of some of the founding families, the Cherokee Indians, about ferries that  crossed rivers, who protected the citizens against the Home Guard during the Civil War, the rough characters who mined gold, and many more.  About 500 pages worth of good reading.       I think Robert S. Davis, Jr, wrote a good many of the essays or articles, and the editor/compiler Olin Jackson had almost as manky.  

The book is so good I just started on Volume II.


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