Monday, October 20, 2014

Visiting Cartersville, Georgia

Saturday we went to Bluegrass Festival in Cartersville, Georgia.   These are just some random pictures I took here and there in the town.

Cartersville First Baptist Church

My ancestors Greenville and Mary Polly Taylor Pullen were one of the first settlers in Cass County, which eventually became Bartow County, which Cartersville is county seat.   I read that Greenville donated some of his land for the First Baptist Church which eventually became The First Baptist Church of Cartersville.   Mary (Polly) died and Greenville moved on to Dalton, Georgia, where he remarried.   I thought it is reasonable to believe The First Baptist Church of Cartersville might have its own cemetery.  We arrived in the area early for the concerts - we had our Smart Phone GPS lead us to the First Baptist Church of Cartersville.   The church building is huge and is surrounded by acres of  well-sculptured beautiful green grass .  I think some of the church members might think an old cemetery with old weathered  markers and tombstones  an eyesore.  There was no cemetery.  I'll look for the  Cemetery another day.

The formerly depot, now Visotor's Center reminds me of the building in Marietta with the same past and present  reason for being.

I have eaten here once.  I was impress with their "putting on no airs" atmosphere.  I  always thought it is some kind of landmark, sort of like the Big Chicken in Marietta - but inside the customers are much like Brandy's Hotdogs in Marietta.... natives. 

I got carried away with the red  building side Coca Cola sign.   On the inside I think at least 1//3 of the store is antique like Coke promotional items.  We went in to buy a candy bar.  We were having a difficult time finding the shelf they sell candy and I asked a lady at the cash register.  She said by the Coke machine.  We bought some candy and returned to the lady at the cash register, I said, "If you had told me the candy was by the Coke display I would have been confused."  She didn't smile.  She took my money and gave me my change and snappily told me to have a nice day.  I suppose she is tired of hearing Coke display jokes.

The concert was right in the middle of the downtown area, by the railroad tracks.  The buildings definitely have a "downtown Cartersville" personality.

We try to catch the singing group SCARLET WOOL whenever it is close and feasible.    They were one of the 4 to 6 groups we watched. 

SCARLET WOOL consists of three sisters: Tabby, Erin, and Hannah Fleeney.  We think at least one is still a teenager and the two oldest are probably in their early 20s.  They are good.  Their father and brother are always close by when they perform - at least the times we saw them they were.  They are above, I don't know their first names.  They are good.

I'm told that the man dancing is 90 years old.

I have heard in the past few years about Scott's Walk Up Barbecue in Cartersville.  The have catered the Varners Reunion and a local magazie, ATLANTA MAGAZINE I think, rated them one of the top BBQ eateries in Georgia.  I had that on my bucket list, to try one of the times we were in Cartersville..  We did and it was very good.  It is so  downt-to-earth and non pretentious I only saw one pig statuette - it was a bowl with a pig's face by the cash register for tips.   


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