Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Gerald Flinchchum's Book

Gerald Flinchum

In Monday's Marietta Daily Journal and the Cherokee Tribune there was an article about  Gerald Flinchum and his book CROSSROADS, CREEKS, AND CLASHES: CIVIL WAR SKIRMISHES IN CHEROKEE IN NORTH COBB COUNTIES: 1864.  It looks like an interesting book if you have a historical interest in the area.

In 2004 on my blog chick-fat I published pictures of the Tyson Cemetery near Hwy 82 and Bells Ferry Road.  It is a small cemetery with only 4 marked graves and 3 or 4 unmarked graves.  Gerald Flinchum emailed and called me.  We set up a meeting place in a close business parking lot near the cemetery and I took him to see it.  He took detailed pictures because he told me he believed that some of Sherman's horsemen came through the area a few months before The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.

Months after our meeting and looking at the  Tyson Cemetery he called me told me something to the effect there was a big skirmish in of Yankee Calvary men and Rebels  in the cemetery itself.

I am more than curious, it appears that my great  great grandfather Robert  Graves Tyson (1821-1864) ( died about the same time the skirmish happened.  Maybe this book will open up new facts.

Tyson Cemetery:

Eugene Hargraves Tyson

Frances Herring Tyson

Robert Cabel Tyson

Sarah Moody Tyson

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