Thursday, October 23, 2014

Laughing AT, Not WITH

The other day I thought of two little shack houses that used to be on Ebenezer Road in Marietta, down from the chicken houses that  was taking up the land that would eventually be Addison School.   The two shacks  each had an outhouse in back.

When I used to run a lot there  in front of their house there was a no shoulder area beside the road.  If you ran or drove off the pavement there you would have a sudden jar and possibly car or human injury.  Once I was running after it rained and a car coming towards me made me hop off the payment and I fell.  I expected  that my feet would hit the surface of soil, I didn't know it was on the edge of a small bank.  I fell, got muddy and skinned up. 

I was good entertainment for the group sitting on the front porch of one of the shacks.  They all let out a sudden whooping HEE HAW as I took a tumble and when I slid in the mud  it brought more hoots and HEES HAWS. 

They probably didn't have a television. 


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