Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Night At the Museum, Inside and Outside

As you know we have been approached expectatively  twice recently.  One time in the dark in our driveway of somebody wanting to know what street he was walking down and another time at out front door a lawman wanting to know about one of our neighbors.   We might as well go for three times.  This evening   In the public parking lot, across the tracks from the Marietta History Museum a young decent looking man approached us and asked if we knew anything about Marietta.  I answered, we did know a little, what did he need to know.

He asked us if there is  any place other than MUST MINISTRIES a person can stay.  He said he had a place to stay at Tuirner's Chapel but had some kind of lame excuse why not there.   I said MUST MINISTRIES would be his best bet.  He told us their rules which he would have to be out by a certain time, and on and on - his reasons and words just blended - I have no idea what he said the reason he didn't like Turner Chapel or MUST Ministries.
Then he started telling us he was no bum.  He understood  what we must think of him.  Not really, I just thought he might have hit a bad luck period.  He asked or hinted that we give him a few bucks to get something to eat.
In the middle of his spill up drove a car and Christa, a museum officer, rolled down her window and  said hi and talked a minute or two, which she did not know it but she was interrupting  the guy's bad - luck story.  
She drove off and he picked up where he left off.
I told him I was sorry, but told him we just didn't have money to give him.  He looked intimidated and also looked as he wished he never bother us.

After he was a good distance away we decided to give him some.  I chased him down and gave it to him.  It was enough to get a warm meal at Wendy's and suggested Wendy's.  He said he would go there now.

We wondered if we did the right thing or not.
Then we saw him walking the opposite direction of Wendy's. 

Or maybe he has a dealer named Wendy.

On the plus side we heard a nice talk by a guy who grew up in Kennesaw and wrote an Acadia Press Book about Kennesaw.  He was down to earth and candid. 

And we learned something we didn't know.  Did you know at the depot in Kennesaw is the highest point between Atlanta and the Etowah River?  He told this to make a point.  In THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE the conductor, I think his name was Fuller or Fulton,  chased the stolen engine by one of those hand pump carts was not nearly as hard you might think, because most his journey down the tracks in pursuit he was on a slight incline going down.



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