Monday, October 13, 2014

RAY Genealogical Reunion, Macon County, NC

If I counted right there are 22 people in the above picture.  It appears that the spouses did not pose, these are all direct descendants.  There were probably between 45 and 50 people attending.


The Ray Genealogical Research Reunion was nice this year, as I'm sure it always is.  I missed the past two or three.  People brought a covered dish and information.  Some people brought old pictures, charts, grafts, and delicious food.  Who could ask for more?

The ones in charged put on a big sheet of paper in big print John and Nancy Sumner and all their kids listed.  Then they had a sheet up with each child and his spouse and children.   The idea was for the people take a special red marker and write their name beside their link to John and Nancy Ray.  In my case I put my name beside Frank Paris Hunter, which was  one of the children of Emaline Ray. 

People brought pictures,  CDs in information for anyone wanting one, and all kinds of information.  Many people brought camera, of course.

Note, click on image to make it larger and prettier.

Granddaughter & Kathy

Kathy, above with her granddaughter, brought a lot of information.  I didn't noticed until  later that one of the things she brought was a book she compiled, edited, and assembled, of my writings.  A few years ago, when Anna and I last attended I met her and her husband Mike, and we swapped emails until I got boring.   In the emails I took one family member at a time and gave her a candid view  (with humor ) and with pictures.    That is what she assembled and did a great job (lack of a better word).

Granddaughter and Mike

Of course we were the first ones there, that were not part of putting it together.   One person that lives in Marietta and Mike and Kathy who live in Monticello, Georgia, asked , "What time did you leave?"  The Marietta person and  Mike left later than we did.  On the way home we vowed not to leave so early next year.  We'll see.
Dee and Marlene


J.C. and J.C.
They gave awards or recognition for some.  Like J.C. on the right was awarded the oldest one there.  Others were awarded for the youngest, came the greater distance, and I forgot what all.  I was waiting and had my acceptance speech ready for when they called me up to recognized me as the most handsome male there that was short, gray and bald, with a red nose.  Oh well, I got over it.





A few years ago Nancy gave me a picture of my great grandfather William Hunter.  She is very giving.

The two ladies in the middle on the second row are twins: Darlene and Marlene.  They more or less ran the show and did a darn good job.  Nancy, Dee, and Margaret, I think, kept a sharp eye on the operation to jump in when needed .

The meeting was held at Iotla Baptist Church on Iotla Church Road., in the Iotla Community about five miles northwest of Franklin, North Carolia.  The hilly farming terrain is just beautiful.   



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