Friday, August 29, 2014

Willow 's Got Her Ass Whipped

Today at the dog park a dog attacked Willow.  At the gate of the dog park there is a little fence area you first walk in that has two other gates.  One for the  small dogs area and one for large dogs.  In that little space is where I take Willow's lease off and open the large dog gate.  Usually, if there are a bunch of dogs there, the bulk of them will run up to meet the new arrival, to check it out, smell its  butt and look at his balls,  and so on.    I suppose the dogs , in the own way, are hollering "Fresh meat!" the same as inmates in prison might when somebody new arrives. 
This time  as soon as I opened the gate about  three or four bounded out at Willow and they were led by a Pitt Bull looking dog that was growling, breathing insanely, and snapping.  She went for Willow's throat with her teeth.  I thought, "Jugular vein!!" and tried to separate it from Willow but wasn't succeeding.  Then I with my fists started beating the dog on its side with my fists.  About that time the dog's owner made it to our fighting area and pulled it off by the collar.
Luckily, Willow's skin was not broken or ripped.

After that Willow was timid going inside, but I talked her into it.  During the next 15 minutes or so I kept an eye on the snapping pit bull looking creature.  Several times it ran up to Willow in a friendly way like it wanted to play.  Each time it got near I stood up and had my eye on a heavy stick, if I needed it.   The dog's owner never spoke a word.  


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