Sunday, August 24, 2014

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! MAD's Last Comic Book Story

This is the last story of MAD Comicbook, which is issue number 23.  MAD number 24 was the first MAD Magazine issue.

Now, I am trying to decide whether to proceed  in order and the next time have a story from MAD Magazine number 24 or revert back and start with MAD #1.... I think I skipped over about the first 5 issues of MAD comic book.
Anyway, that is something for me to ponder over.

Back to routine business:

Today's story is SCENES WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE.  It is a "seeing through movie plots" that Harvey Kurtzman got a kick out of and continued the same concept in one form or another in the other satirical he was over.  Art by Jack Davis.

Note, click on image to make larger so you can read the balloons. 

PS As a bonus you first get to read letters to the editor.

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