Saturday, August 30, 2014

Reliving the Civil War

We went to the Marietta Museum of Historylast night  to hear David W.  Vaughn show and talk about his collection of Confederate Soldiers portraits made on tintypes /daguerreotypes .  In the museum he has an exhibition that will be on display through August the 30th.... hey!  That's today!

Davie gave a very well versed educational lecture.  He will buy a picture from usually a dealer and research the person in the picture.  He looks for clues in the picture, which tells more of the story.   I think it would be a very interesting and awarding hobby,  and looking for clues is exactly what I do in my genealogy research.  He had a slide show of 40 of his daguerreotypes and the behind the scenes research that went into them and what various things in the picture might tell you.  David Vaughn has surely become an expert of Civil War battles and troop movements with all the research he has done.

Not only that but they had refreshments!

And I saw my high school science teacher Clara Howell.  We run into each other at all things like this. 

William D. Petty (my g-grandfather's brother)

Here is another one in my collection.  Evidently, it is of a young couple.  The handsome young man  was a dashing officer.  You can tell he was a good officer because of his alertness and wry look -  he was a handsome brute, in any time period.  They had this picture taken at a portrait studio in Helen, Georgia.  Afterwards, the dashing handsome officer  reported to the unit he was to be over.  But, as Sherman said, "War is Hell" and when he reported he heard  about the statistic that more young good looking dashing officers are shot in the back by their own men than in front from enemy fire.  He dashed right back to the arms of his wife.  

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