Thursday, August 21, 2014

Book Report WHITE SEED, about ROANOKE the Lost Colony.

The book WHITE SEED, subtitled The untold Story of the Last Colony of Roanoke by Paul Clayton.

The book takes a lot of real people,  Europeans and Indians and jumbles them up and gave them a new life  and the story took on a plot of its own.  All author Paul Clayton had to do was time travel to the late 1500s, hide behind a bush and take notes.

The ship brought the new colony off what would be the North Carolina coast, what further would be Dare County, and they settled in with a little self-running government.  Occasionally they had to teach one of the local "savages" a "lesson". 

Then the ship carried some of the settlers back to England for supplies and making some deals.  They had planned to return within a few months but the war with Spain on the high seas interrupted their plans.  It took years for them to return, and when they did there was no colony.  The people vanished.

What happened to the people  is any one's guess or speculation.   Throwing my two cents in I think it had a lot to do with the colonists and the local Native Americans at odds with each other.

The real fact s are the kindling of a good story of "what might have happened"... and so it was written.
By the way if you are interested in the time table of American's colonization, Roanoke was the first until it suddenly wasn't anything.  They founded Roanoke in 1584 and Jamestown was not founded until about 23 years later in 1607.

I feel I learned a little more historical facts and thought it was a good read.  Paul Clayton has written several historical novel.  I might  read another one.     



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