Friday, August 22, 2014

Reeling and a Rocking at the EM Club

Last evening in a discussion I reminded myself of the time I Rock & Rolled and brought down the house.   I had a date with a girl named Billy Jean.  We doubled dated with Ed and Sue.  Ed was and is a life time friend and Sue was a co-worker that I lined up for him.  (they got married not long after that).

We went to E-M the  CLUB  at NAS Atlanta.   At the club we had dinner and a band came on.   And I got a little tipsy drinking.    I got silly drunk enough to make fun of the movements some of the people dancing were making.  Billy Jean dared me to take her out on the dance floor and do those actions there.  Being the show-off I am, I took her up on her dare.  We got out and she and I got carried away dancing, doing all the dancing moves in a Charlie Chaplin mimicking  kind of way.  We really went wild and like a wave, people around us suddenly stopped dancing just to watch us and more and more and then we were  the only ones dancing. People were clapping in order hand-slaps to keep us moving.

We were doing things that became movements much later on.... we were being very creative....  I  remember dancing like I was chasing her around the perimeter of the room and trying to lasso her, all to the beat of the band's music of course.  And finally I lassoed her and pulled her in and then we both got on imaginary horses and galloped around the room .  You would have to have been there to fully appreciate it.

Billy Jean married Johnny Pasoce and opened up a nursing home similar to the one her parents owned in Newnan , Georgia..    In time she and Johnny divorced and she died of cancer.

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