Friday, August 15, 2014

A Slice of History

The cobble stoned  or brick street is Depot Street.  It leads to what used to be the Depot but is now the Visitors Information Center,  Kennesaw House, and the railroad tracks. - but those places were behind me when I took this picture.  In front of the camera is the park with the statue of Senator Alexander Stephens Clay in the center of the picture.

On the right of Root Street facing West Park Square and Glover park is Hemingway's Bar and Grill.  Depot Street is part of their establishment (see the tables?).
We have eaten at Hemingway's at least once.  I remember having to use the restroom and was directed down a flight of stairs.

 I went down the stairs I came into a pool room lounge.   There were some people playing pool.  There was also a window looking out at sidewalk level.  You could see people's lower part of people's  legs walk by.

The window was a tall window, but it went down.  You get to see a cutaway of the City's progress..  It had a level of small rocks, a layer or red dirt, a level of cement, maybe a brick layer, bigger rocks, and so on.   Interesting.   I did not have my camera.  I am going have to revisit that basement for a picture of the cutaway, just like an ant farm.



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