Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DNA Results

A few weeks ago I sent in my DNA sample to Ancestry.com.  The DNA sample was  just plain saliva; spit.   I spit in a little tube and sent it off.   Today I got the results.  Here is what they  said was in my saliva:

47% Coffee
33% Kit Kats
10% Chicken-fat
05% Gummy Bears
03% Pulled Pork
02% Unknown

Just joking!

What it really reported:

Ireland 40%
Great Britain 34%
Iberian Peninsula 11%
Scandinavia  10%
Europe West 5%

Ancestry.com also provided me with a list of names with very first similar DNAs that they estimated what relationship they are to me.   The first two were just as they predicted:  which are my first cousins, which I knew anyway.   

But the rest of the names, about  25 or so might provide me with a lot of information. 

HOWEVER!  The DNA report threw a monkey wrench into my findings:  It said my heritage is 100% European. 
From research my ancestor was full blooded Cherokee Indian.  She drowned between 1850 and 1860 in the Little Tennessee River while tending to her fish traps.  My line from her:
Polly's daughter Rebecca Trammell would be one half Cherokee.
Rebecca's son William A. Hunter would be one quarter Cherokee.
William's son Frank Paris Hunter would be one eight  Cherokee.
Frank's son, and my father Ed Hunter would be one sixteenth  Cherokee

And I would be one thirty-second Cherokee.



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