Monday, October 07, 2013

Jot'Em Boys, Solo and Downsized

The Jot'Em Down Boys did a solo performance Saturday night.  Not only were they* solo they were also downsized.

By solo I mean it was just them.  Usually at the Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree on the first Saturday evenings of every month the Woodstock Community Church there are two bands.   For the first hour it is the visiting band or guest band and the second hour it is the hosting band The Jot'Em Down Boys.

Jack, the banjo player, is no longer with them.  They said Jack, health-wise, just wasn't up to it anymore, or something to that effect and they wish him the best.  I looked closely at their eyes as they were talking to see if I could see any flicker of eye contact interaction but they were looking completely innocent, so maybe Jack is not buried behind the barn.

I thought Jack was a good banjo player and was the one-liner, or is it two-liner corny joker of the group.  He was his own straight man.  He would ask himself a question and answer himself, like why he knew the Toothbrush was invented in Alabama:  Anyplace else it would have been named a Teethbrush.   On jokes he had good delivery and on banjo picking he had good delivery.   Once  at Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree I saw Jack drive up in an antique car which I think he refurbished himself.  It showed he had an interest beyond his banjo niche.

Saturday  night the jokes still came but fewer one or two lines.  These were more spontaneous bursts of wit.

Downsized, the Jot'Em Down Boys did great.  However, I think they could even be better with a banjo player.

Jokingly, I say, "HIT THE ROAD JACK!!"



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