Saturday, October 12, 2013

Alex Can't Say "Y'all" Convincing

I  like to give credit where credit is due.  Alex Trebek  is a master of languages.  I have heard him roll off his tongue French,  Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, and I don't know what else - and they all seemed to have the right accents and pronunciations - or at least they sound right to me..

  And I am impress with his  knowledge nightly on JEOPARDY.  He knows much about  a lot.  I watched someone get something wrong on JEOPARDY and he would say, "No, you must be thinking of so and so (similar name) who died 128 years before.  He is crammed  with trivia knowledge like that.

And I noticed he has a hard time being humble about his intellect.  While Goggling Alex I came across several negative posts, such as ALEX IS A POMPOUS JERK.; ALEX IS A JERK;  ALEX IS A SNOB;  ALEX IS A DICK; and so on.

I can forgive him for that, that is just a fault of human nature, the fault of people who know a lot - they are a bit snobbish about it.

But what I cannot forgive him for is the way he does such a terrible job when he tries to put on a southern accent.  It is terrible attempt and unforgivable.   It is real upsetting to hear him quote something out of a Tennessee Williams' play or something else southern fried - he just can't.


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