Saturday, October 05, 2013


Adam and Brandy

Brandy, Rocky, and Adam

Brandy and Rocky

Back when our kids were kids Brandy came into our life.  The mother, Daisy, lived next door.  Daisy had pups and we picked our the prettiest one of the litter .  She was part German Shepard and part Husky.

In those days I ran with her down Sandy Plains Road and Post Oak Tritt and it never occurred  to me to use a leash.  Not until a Cobb County Animal Control truck  pulled alongside and asked me how come the dog did not have a leash.  "Is that a law?" I asked.

She retorted that she would write a fine to show me it was a law.  Somehow, I didn't get a ticket.

Above are pictures of Brandy when she was just a pup.

When we were having our den and deck built in 1992 Brandy and a big  dog by the name of Stormy, that lived behind us, were playing wrestling on the deck, one house level up, and fell, one house level down.  Then she yipped but she seemed to have got over it.   But as she grew older she got where she just could not walk, she lost use of her back legs.  She died at about age 14.



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