Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Alleys in Downtown Marietta

Probably most alleys have their own story.  The ones in downtown Marietta are no exception..

Here is a fancy decorated alley, between what was Theater of the Square and Dupre's.  I think it was an intermission lobby for smokers.

This alley is actually a street a rock's throw from the train depot and the prime hotel during the Civil War.  

In this alley a policeman chased a man into it, knowing it was a dead in.  The man being pursued turned around with a gun and aimed at the cop and pulled the trigger.  It only clicked.  It wasn't time for my father to go.

Outside dining.

This alley, bordered a movie theater at one time.  Once, after a movie, a man, apparently watching the movie alone, stepped outside and put a gun to his head and killed himself.  It must have been some movie!

Root Street is an alley too.  As you can see, it is an upscale alley, no one- eye cats chasing huge rats or anything like that.


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