Saturday, October 26, 2013


Driving by COME AND GET IT RESTAURANT we noticed a barbecue smoker parked by the street.  I think on another ride by a second smoker was in place.  Maybe I imagined the second one.

COME AND GET IT is owned by Nick.  Nick is a grandson of the owner of Fat Boy's (Home of the Foot Long Hotdog) in Smyrna.   I'm sure as a child Nick was at his parents' and grandparents knees' watching the  hustle-bustle and urgency of the restaurant business and somehow it got into his blood - how could it not?

We have eaten at COME AND GET IT (CAGI) a number of times, each time trying something different.   As in any restaurant, some things were good and some were not so impressive.

Nick  is a likable fellow  who wants to be a friend. a boisterous way,   to every customer who walks in the door.  He also knows how to get the most out of his employees which I suspect plenty of them are his relatives.

Interesting, a lady server that works there we have noticed also working at two other restaurant fairly recently.  Within weeks ago we have seen her working at Martin's and The Olive Garden.  I noticed at all three restaurants she takes her job seriously. 

As with any Greek restaurant they try to please as many tastes as possible.  So, now it is delicious barbecue cooked on a slow cooker smoker.

Before we tried their bbq we asked people how did they like CAGI barbecue and they said it was delicious.  We agree!  I think it gives the top bbq grill masters of Cobb County a run for their status.

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