Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Edna Garrett White

This is a distant relative of mine, Edna Garrett White.  We are both descended  from  Joseph Garrett  (1822 - 1900) and Nancy Elizabeth Mashburn (1823 - 1921).  They both died in Fannin County, Georgia.

Edna and her husband, lived in a very pretty white house on Frances Avenue in Marietta.   One day I spent the day with them going through old documents and photographs.  She is  one of the most hyper-super organized person I have met.   On my visit she praised me for taking the research initiative and turned around and in the same breath criticize her poor husband for just wanting to sit on  him rump.   

She and he probably died over 30 years ago.  

Sadly, after I visited her a couple of times and she took me on a private tour of a general's house she had the keys to, I went almost a year without contact with her, and when I checked on her apparently her and her husband no longer lived on Frances Avenue.  I don't know if they moved or died.  I couldn't find her in the obituaries.

I have found a lot of information about a lot of my relatives who have passed on, but this time I let a pair of live ones slip throuhg my fingers.

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