Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brothers Charles and Paul Foster

The little boy saluting is Paul Everett Foster, Jr.  (1922-1995).  The younger boy is his brother Charles Jones Foster (1925-2012).  They are/were Anna's uncles.  They both were born and grew up in Marietta.  They both worked at the Strand Theater when they were teenagers.  Paul ran the projector and Charles did odds and ends jobs like distribute the weekly movie program guilds.

Charles loved airplanes.   Charles rode his bike to Atlanta to watch airplanes take off and land.

They both worked at the Marietta Post Office.  They both went into the service.  Paul was a Marine in the Pacific during WW II.  Charles was taught how to fly  airplanes in the Army and he flew supplies in during the war. 

After the war Paul returned to the Marietta Post Office.  He was a window clerk and wore his uniform professionally, just like he did in the Marines.  Many people thought he was the postmaster.  Several people have asked me "How long was Paul Postmaster?"  He was also an active leader in the Elks Club.

After the war Charles became a pilot for TWA.  He and his family settled in Kansas City.  After he retired they moved back to Marietta.

Charles was very health conscious and tried to avoid food that was not healthy.  I think Paul enjoyed life too much to be picky over what he ate.  Once at either a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner I overheard  Charles talking Paul  and his wife Barbara to share their cemetery plot with him and his wife Florence.  Apparently they came to an agreement because that is where all four of them are buried.  The ironic part,  at that same dinner Charles was trying to convince Paul to not drink whole milk, it had too much fat in it .  Paul died  the following January, at the  most 6 weeks from their discussion.



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