Thursday, September 06, 2012

So Long Joe South, It Was Good to Know You

Joe South is dead at 72.  I think he was a great song writer and a humble person, well, as humble as a music star can be.

I met him a couple of times at concerts that involved my old friend Billy Joe Royal, who he was the producer for.  I doubt if he remembered me no more than he remembered swatting a gnat 55 years ago.  Well, I doubt if Billy Joe remembers me either.

I like Joe's music.  I think the words will be around for many years.  Some of it seems to take a profound Hindu outlook at life transformed into rockabilly words.  At the moment the only thing that comes to mind is "WALK A MILE IN HIS SHOES".... that is just like me, the only thing I can come up with is an an ancient
Chinese proverb * that he borrowed.

*Actually I am just guessing it was a Chinese Proverb.  I googled it and could not find the origin of the saying, but I did come across a funny explaination, "Walk a mile in his shoes before you criticize him; thus if it makes him mad at least you have a mile headstart on him.

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