Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bell Reunion Sept 29, 2012

Some of these people used to be bad asses in high school and some wanted to be.  But now, aged and mellowed all they want is a regular bowel movement.

On the names below I think I knew most of the names and some others I took a guess.  My retention on new names is not so good until I have several doses of the same name.  So, there will need to be some corrections, just let me know.

Also, in the pictures, unless stated other-wise in an individual picture, the names go from left to right.

Also, click on the picture with your mouse to see it bigger and better.

Sisters Faye & Phyllis Murner

Mr & Mrs B Thurmond

Ken Chaney, Omar Owens, & ?

Clarence Omar & Joyce Owens & Sue Varner

Mickey Wilbur & Vernon Dean
This is a small world picture.  I don't think they are aware of it, but in two different worlds each had conflicts with me, in about the same time period (grammar school & swimming pool).

Mark McGee & Neal Lawrence

Phyllis Murner & Monty Calhoun

Rupert Raines & Ken Chaney

Vernon Dean pointing out something to brother Dale Dean with Rick Kendricks between them

Neal Lawrence & Calvin Wallace

aka Paul Roper & Mark McGee

C Baker & Grady Smith

Christine Knght.  I couldn't resisit showing the change in facial expressions

Bobby McEntyre

Charles Dawson.  I think he was the only ex-Bell employee there.  He was the lifeguard at the pool.

Joyce & Mary Johnson

Paul Roper aka Jackie Gaskin and Sandy Ramsy

Jennings & L'June Patterson

Arnold Guest
Jean Parrish

 Horace Armfield is chick magnet so just put him out in he midde of a parking lot and all you have to do is take the picture when the girls swarm in.

George Prince

Rick Kendricks & brothers Ralph & Bobby McEntyre

Doug Davis

Betty Hood

Jackie Barfield

Sisters Marvyln & Brenda

Jerry Kirkpatrick

Maiden name Coffey, stomping grounds Canton Hwy and Shallowford
R. Kendrick, Larry Miller, & H. Armfield

Marvin Shaw

Ray Denard & Horace

Milly Miller

Herman & Mary Meaders Johnson


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