Friday, September 07, 2012

Photojournalism Recording Small World Reactions

This is Brad Quinlin.  He is a Civil War expert and has written several books on the subject and has done a lot of research.  You may have seen him on Ancestry.Com's WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE in the National Cemetery in Marietta helping actor Matthew Broderick find his ancestor's grave.

About a year ago, September 15, 2011, to be exact, Ray Ruggles, Mary Ann Fitzpatrick, and I were leaving the Marietta Museum of History when we ran into Brad Quinlin.  He was all hyped up  telling us his latest Civil War research project when the name of a small town in Massachusetts came up in the conversation somehow.  Mary Ann said suddenly she grew up there.  Ray said his great grandfather lived there and owned a lot of land.  Brad also had connections in the past there also.  The following is a my faint try at photojournalism as all three of them recalled their relatives' names and each knowing the name or the person well.  What are the chances three nearly strangers would be standing in a Georgia town probably over a 1000 miles away and had a town they each had their hearts in?  Better than we think, I bet.

Then up walked Dan Cox, head of the History Museum.  He was giggling all over himself because he just about an hour earlier he had acquired another plane for the Aviation Wing of the museum.  Here is the photojournalism interaction about that:

Not to change the subject, but when I was a kid I used to play on this train engine (below) built by Glover Machinery when it was in their back lot on Butler Street, yep, sure I sure did.

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