Monday, September 24, 2012


Saturday I went to my sister's drugstore to pickup her medicine. She had an operation earlier in the week. The pharmacy department had a line of people. I waited in line. When the person in front of me was being waited on I saw a sign saying something like "In respect to privacy please wait at this point untl it is your turn." That is good, I said to myself.

When it became my turn I stepped up to the window. The pharmacist, working alone, said she would have to get the drive-thru window next. The man in the car in the window told her his name. She went over to her medical pick-up and found his name and pulled out a meical sack and gave it to him. He said there was one order that wasn't there. She said, "What medicine is that?"
I could tell he hesitating speaking over the speaker system but went ahead and said, "Viagra".

She went over to another section, checked something and came back to the speaker box and said they have a note to call his doctor Monday for him to OK the VIAGRA. Then, the pharmacist said, "I need your birthdate." So much for privacy. He told her his birthday. He was born in 1959.

The other overheard advent was Sundy. I haven't rode my bicycle in months and decided to ride a few miles. I was driving through the Kroger parking lot when I rode by a lady in the driving seat of a car stopped at a stop sign. She had her windows down. She had her cell phone up to her face. Here is what she said:
"Me? Of course not! I never drive when I am on the phone!"


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