Saturday, September 15, 2012

How BABY RUTH Candy Bar Was Named

Woody Allen was not the first person to marry his adopted daughter. President Grover Cleveland did too.

I am currently reading SECRET LIVES OF U.S. PRESIDENTS.

Grover Cleveland's good friend and law partner Oscar Folsom had a daughter named Frances.  When Frances was age 11 Oscar died.  Grover adopted her.  She still lived with her mother, but offically Grover was her legal gardian.  When he became president she and her mother visited Grover at the Whitehouse often.

Grover's first wife had died.  When Frances and her mother visited Grover often at the Whitehouse the press thought they were seeing the future Mrs. Cleveland, and they were, but it wasn't the one they thought.  It was the daughter.  The President married Frances Folsom at the Whitehouse when she became 21.  It is the first and only, so far, Presidential Wedding in the Whitehouse.

Grover and Frances had a baby named Ruth.  She was known as Baby Ruth.  And that inspired a candy company to name a candy after her and the rest is history.

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