Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to Square One and Antique Cars

The other day when I picked up my dog Willow at the groomer and she was over-excited to see me (Willow, not the groomer), the groomer made a comment that we didn't take Willow out enough.

We told ourselves we needed to take Willow somewhere.  We nixed the dog park bcause everytime we carried her there she felt intimidated by the other dogs and sat under the bench we were  sitting on and wouldn't come out.  We decided to take her to our favorite human park, Glover Park in the Marietta Square.

The Marietta  Museum of History was having a car show.  You got to vote on your favorite car - they were all good so I voted for them all.  They were all winners - or at least got special mention.... or, that was what I was tempted to do anyway. 

Christi of the Museum complemented me on a certain post in Chicken-fat.  That made my day.  I always spend the rest of the day on Cloud 9 after Chicken-fat gets a comment.  I gloat because most of the time I feel that I am the blog's only reader.

Here are some of the cars that were in the car show:

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Blogger Fairhope Supply Co. said...

How did your dog like Glover park? Are animals allowed there? I remember taking my children there, and they liked it!

11:39 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I don't think Willow cared for for Glover Park. She is very timid and prefers the simple pleasures of life like lying on the bedroom floor with her head under the bed pretending she is in a cave. Although we have carried her there at other times when it wasn't so crowded and she loved it. I think she takes after me, disliking crowded situations. Not long ago some of the Marietta City council tried to pass an ordinance banning dogs from the park and it either was not passed or ignored.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Carson Wininger said...

What an old, sleek ride! It’s really amazing that these antique cars are still alive and still are looking very grand until now. Indeed, the car owners are doing a very good job in refurbishing and maintaining these autos. I love the huge truck! =)

1:03 PM  

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