Friday, September 21, 2012

Mary-Ann the Marine

Yesterday in the absence of Eddie, I enjoyed Marietta History Museum’s (MHM) presentation of a fantastic lecture by retired Marine, Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzpatrick. What an awesome life she is living! I first met Mary-Ann at MHM and appreciate the opportunity the museum gave me to further learn about this awsome woman.

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine”, as the saying goes. Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzpatrick lives life to the fullest. The first girl born to her Father’s side of the family in three generations, Mary-Ann grew up in a “male dominated” family where everyone served their turn in the military. After graduating from college, Mary-Ann joined the Marines in 1959 and served until 1967 in air traffic control. After marrying a fellow marine, she resigned at the rank of Captain in order to attend to her new family. She later found herself raising 5 children alone, getting her doctorate in history, and employed as a Professor at Mercer University and other schools in Macon. Her interesting lecture recapped many anecdotes from her training at Paris Island, describing what it was like to be a female Marine. After her Marine life, she enjoyed a career with Lifelink Foundtation, Inc., a non-profit community service organization dedicated to the recovery of organs and tissue for transplant. She now continues her service by working with Marines returning from war zones.

Thank you Mary-Ann for your service and sharing your life with us!

A. Hunter


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