Saturday, September 01, 2012

ARTCAR PALOOZA in Marietta Labor Day Weekend

(psst!  click on the below image to be able to read what the back of the card says)

This weekend is one of those "Art in the Park" on the Square for Labor Day Weekend.  Every time we had gone to one of those we saw some interesting things.  And today was no exception.

Aside from the arts and crafts booths they had an auto show.  Not an auto show of antique cars, not an auto show of souped up hotrods, no display of moonshine cars - nope these are cars that artistic minded folk got ahold of and added a little bit of this and a whole lot of that.   They have a block on Atlanta Street completely full of these interesting looking vehicles.

We didn't know until we saw them but our friends Rachel and Douglas Frey are in charge of the cars, which included getting the owners to bring them, even from far away, like in Houston, Texas.

I noticed a car parked on Main Street, Woodstock, dressed similar, and I think that same car is parked on the Square from time to time.  But he or his car weren't around today.

Remember, click on the picture for it to make more sense.

Bonnie Blue of Houston, Texas

And more.  Come on down this weekend and see for yourself, my photography does not do them justice.

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