Saturday, September 08, 2012

Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last?

The other day we were on the other side of town and something came up that we had to change our destination.  We made the first turn and reversed our direction.  Up the road was the new wide straight-a-way road going to Bells Ferry  Road.  I was trying to turn right onto the new road and cars coming from the other direction turning left in front of me, and me being a polite driver, let them have their turn before me.

We were probably delayed about one car lenght.

Just as we were about to turn left off the new road onto George Busby Parkway a jeep came speeding down the parkway, running the red light and smashed into the car in front of us.  The jeep hit the back seat area of the car.  I don't think anyone was hurt, but probably pretty pissed off.

It is possible because I was polite enough to let a car cut in front of me at the beginning our car didn't get hit.

Who says, "Nice guys always finish last"?



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