Friday, September 14, 2012

Brown Bag Concert in the Park

Above, The Vineyard Cafe, which was formerly the second floor of Johnny Walkers, Inc, where the tailoring and bookkeeping were done.  I used to climb the stairs once a week and pay a little on my better clothes. 

When I think of Brown Bag in the Park I think of years ago in the park, back in my before driving age when I walked through the park and saw plenty of brown sacks, usually hidden in coat and hip pockets.  Also, there were plenty of bushes then for the men to vomit and urinate.  There were no concerts.  The only loud human voices back then in the park were back woods preachers voices telling the drunks to repent.

We were downtown yesterday just before noon and had lunch at the Australian Bakery.  We finished just before 12:00 O'Clock noon - just in time for the Brown Bag concert.  We saw several of these over the years and usually it is of up and coming musicians seeing what they can do before a live audience.

I usually feel sorry for the musician, no crowd and what few people are there are not usually concerned with the live music.  I think the musicians should carry little pea-shooters and pop a person with a pea missle if he or she is not giving their whole attenton.

We witnessed something sad in the park.  A lady was sitting on a bench with her drink and I think food too.  Up walks a man who didn't look well and maybe someone old enough to be his mother demanded the person get off the bench immediately, or that is what it looked like she was demanding.  The lady hopped up and somehow in the bumbling way she did it she dropped her glass liter bottle.  The glass bottled shattered into hundreds of pieces of green glass.  Two or three women worked hard to brush it all up.  It didn't bother the young man, he hardly paid attention to them, he greedily ate his sandwich.  The lady that was pushed off the bench left.  A short while later she returned with a broom and a dust pan on a handle.  I told Anna she should take that dust pan on a handle and give the self centered young man a good whack on the head.  It all ended peacefully.

Before we went to eat a young lady had a clipboard and wanted to ask us some questions - We supposed it was a survey.  She asked about 3 questions and the zinger was:  Have you ever rode a horse?

What statistic gatherer would be interested whether you rode a horse or not.  We said yes and that conlcuded the interview.  I think we were probably boring to the interviewer.

After the concert a group of people, working-for-a-living-age, all with the same colors on asked if we would take their picture doing something stupid.  They said it was a scavenger-hunt race between some companies.  One of them gave me their camera and they wanted me to photograph them looking as if they were about to go food digging in a garbage can.  They all had their tounges out to show they had food on their mind.   I took their picture.  And told them that was a great way to get out of the office on a pretty day like this.

As we walked to the car we noticed other small groups of people with the same color team t-shirts with lists on a paper of things to do on their scavenger hunt. 

I wonder what the homeless think that hang around the Square when they see yuppees from  offices  getting paid to run around on a scavenger hunt.

Afterwards we went to a pet supply house looking for various kinds of toys and artificial bones for Willow.  A cute little young lady waited on us that gave the impression she was a silly preteenager but I think she is wiser than her image reflects.  She was showing one type of artificial bone that look sort of like a twistum... a long rawhide looking rope like thing.  I asked what was it made of, rawhide?  She said it was made out of bulls'  "male parts".



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