Thursday, December 01, 2011

Woody Allen Turns 76 Today

Allen Stuart Konigsberg was born this day, December the 1st, in 1935 in Brooklyn. Later he changed his name to Woody Allen. He turns 76 today.

Woody is amazing. His mind churns out one liner jokes after another, without ending. He was a writer for various show people such as Sid Caesar, Gary Moore, and others, and also did stand-up comedy in small clubs Finally he channeled most of his talents into movie making. Each movie he does, he pretty much controls it from writing it and directing it. But, he is too shy to give the great actors he chooses directions and encourage them to ad-lib and play it by ear. His movies are always innovative, trying things never tried before – not that he is trying to be pace setter, he just marches to his own drummer.

Speaking of music, he plays a clarinet in a small band, which it appears he values more than his movie-maker accomplishments and reputation. One time his movie ANNIE HALL was nominated for a number of Academy Awards and Woody said he couldn’t make it to the presentation because it was on a Monday night and his band had a gig that same night. ANNIE HALL won 5 Oscars that night that Wood did not know until he picked up his newspaper the following morning.

If you know Woody Allen's music you might have recognized his WILD MAN BLUES on several of my Youtube Videos that have been on my blog.

Woody is creative, shy, humble, and perhaps a little strange. Like, for instance he ran off with his and his wife Mia Farrow’s adopted child, with romantic intentions – after she was old enough , of course.

A couple weeks ago NPR and a two part series on Woody’s life and his professionism. I recorded it and am watching in bits and pieces. It is a very interesting study of one of this time periods greatest innovators.

In the three and half hour NPR special I have watched two hours so far. As yet, Woody’s physique has not been mentioned. He is a little frail guy, but he can leap long high bounds like an antelope. He also has a comedic body language like a mime or a clown. But I noticed as he ages he is doing less bobbing up and down. I can understand that.

Happy Birthday Woody!

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