Sunday, December 04, 2011

Marietta Pilgrimage outside the houses

This past weekend was the Marietta Pilgrimage, aka Marietta Tour of Homes. From previous encounters I know better than to take pictures inside the houses. But, nobody said anything about the outside.

Each year they take a different residential section of near downtown Marietta. This year the house tours were on Wright Street, McDonald Street, and one house on Whitlock Avenue.

The Bagwell-Koutouzis House

The Bagwell-Koutouzis, side

Bagwell-Koutouzis House, side

The Anderson Mansion, below, was one of the eleven or so Public Houses on the Marietta Pilgrimage Tour. You could drop by, get a snack or check out their facilities; see a man about a dog, if you know what I mean.

Anderson Manson

View from the porch or veranda of the Anderson Mansion onto what used to be the Glover Mansion

Porch of Anderson Mansion

Mrs. Dobbins who lived in the below house was the mother of Captain Charles Dobbins, who Dobbins Air Force Base was named after.

The Dobbins-McDaniel House

front porch of Dobbins McDaniel House

The Brooks-Vanderbogart House


Marietta trail blazer for women, Regina Rambo, lived in the house below in her teenage years.

Mockingbird Hill, back

Mockingbird Hill, back

Mockingbird Hill, back

Greem-Hildreth House


Ellwood, side, huge outside fireplace

Ellwood, back, old smoke house

Ellwood, back chicken coop w Christmas lights

Ellwood, side

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