Saturday, December 10, 2011


Remember the roadside tourist trap B.LLOYDS? B.Lloyds was much like STUCKEY'S. They had pecans and all sorts of things to attract yankees to come on in and buy something southern.

I remember there used to be a B.Lloyds on the 4-lane, aka, Old US 41, on the corner of Mars Hill Road or Acworth-Due West Road.

Our little gang of misfits took B.Lloyds a step in another direction. Our principal, Lloyd Cox, nick name became B.Lloyds, which Larry Bradford orginated. It doesn't look funny in print but it was how it was pronoucned and accentuated that was so funnny.... and it helped if you used your fingers to pull the skin underneath your eyeballs down a half inch or so.

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