Saturday, December 31, 2011

People Who Left Us in 2011

From my viewpoint, looking through my usual tunnel-vision, the following people left us in 2011:

Ron Bennett - Anna's ex-coworker.

Carl Poss - neighobr and family friend.

Dave Dixon - friend and ex-coworker.

Elazabeth Rae Poore Johnson - Hunter relative.

Frances Price - Near relative and family friend.

Betty Henderson Disharoom - teenage friend.

Mike Hobby - Childhood friend.

Ruth Ivey - Anna's friend.

Jack Meaders - Teenage friend.

Jeannette Westmoreland - Relative of Hunter relatives.

Jerry McBee - Friend.

James Kendrick, son of friend Jack and Ann Kendrick.

James Malcomb - Father-in-law of Petty relative; and ex-coworker and friend.

Mytrle Priest - Mother of Bill Rampley.

Lynn Orr - son's teacher and childhood friend.

Shirley Prance - Sister-in-Law.

Barbara Clarke Robinson - sister's ex-coworker and mother of friend Robbie Robinson

Jim Scoggins - Nextdoor neighobr.

Alberta Shouse Kinney. Grammar scool teacher.

Michelle Canada Southern - friend's daughter-in-law.

Helen Steele Fowler - childhood friend.

W.G. Sterling - Friend's father.

I hated to hear of all of their passing. I'm sure I left out some.

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