Sunday, December 11, 2011

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Scare of the Red Scarers

PANIC Comicbook was a comicbook published in the ‘50s. You know what was prevalent in the 50’s don’t you? The RED MENACE! THE RED SCARE! To the paranoid there was a communist behind every bush. There is always somebody in politics to cash in on those fears.

People like Senator Joseph McCarthy flourished during that time, because of his pursuing relentless pursuits exposing communists. Guess how many he actually exposed? None. He ruined plenty of careers of people who he disagreed with politically… wait! Isn’t that what communists did in Russia?

Very few people were courageous enough to speak up against the so-called investigating committee. I can think of only a few: Edward R. Murrow, EC Publishing comicbooks MAD and PANIC. Below is an example of PANIC making few satirical punches below the belt.

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