Monday, December 19, 2011


* (I apologize for these photos being blurred. They were taken at night, and the automatic camera thought the camera holder would have no problem holding the camera still. That is what a machine gets for thinking.)

As for as Christmas, lights exterior-wise, we have been moderate through the years. We put our Christmas tree in the front window and put a wreath on the door and sometimes a spot light shining on the reef and that was about it.

Our neighbor Terry has for many years spelled out with lights in huge letters MERRY CHRISTMAS on his hedge that is almost across the street from out house. It is something we look forward to every year. Not only do Terry and his wife Glenda wish us a merry Christmas, spelling it, but after Christmas, with just a switch of electrical plug-ins, they wish us a HAPPY NEW YEAR; us and anybody else in the neighborhood that looks.

Through a few years, Terry improved his exterior lights a little each year. Now, in their front yard colorful lights are all over the trees and lining the house. Some lights on the house blink and off so quickly you would think the lights are moving down a line in proper order. His utility house in his back yard is also lined with lights. It was Terry’s way of sharing.

We put lights on our deck again, this time on the pagoda in a neat rope winding fashion and also slightly more lights in front, wrapping around a dogwood tree by the front door.

Then someone cut the power cord to Terry’s MERRY CHRISTMAS on the hedge. Why would anyone want to take away of someone’s joy of sharing?

Terry quickly corrected the problem and put up more lights.

Three of our other neighbors but up lights also. We are not Richmond, Virginia, the self-proclaimed "Tackiest Outside Christmas Decorations Captial of the World", but, instead, our lights are charming.

All this reminded me of the final panel of a Annie Fannie story written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Will Elder and Russ Heath in PLAYBOY magazine 30 to 40 years ago.


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