Friday, December 09, 2011

Concert at the First Baptsit of Marietta

Yesterday evening we went to a concert at the First Baptist Church of Marietta. It was very enjoyable and it played to a full house, or a full sancturary. The above is a random sampling.

The First Baptist Church hosted the concert. The group that performed is SYMPHONY ON THE SQUARE. The group is fairly new, being formed in April of 2010. The first half of the concert was movie tunes, show tunes, and some classical. One of the music numbers was "Hoe Down". I felt like hooking my thumbs in my belt and do a struting dance down the aisle. The last half was Christmas music. All of it was very enjoyable.

Two rows in front of us a female judge sat with some of her friends and husband. Before the concert began my nosiness couldn't help but study her. I found that she is a very good listener. When she is talking to someone, when it is their turn to speak she focals completely on what they are saying and digesting every word and every facial expression the person is making. I'm sure trait that helps her to be a good judge. Althogh if it was me she was stuying and digesting every word I spoke, once I realized she was completley absorb in my communicating I might get nervous and my eyes start darting around and I start patting the sweat off my forehead and cheeks and my voice get nervously high and then I'll start confessing to all the unsloved crimes I could think of.

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