Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Tall Old Man and the Remote Car

Speaking of Mayor Flouronoy (I can not remember his first name – Robert I think): By profession he was a lawyer. He was a tall man – so, tall, you would think somebody like that tall would be awkward and as graceful as a bull in a China Shop. Keep reading.

He had two sons, who were very tall also.

After his run as mayor he became a judge, and what I read he was very controversial and fair.

Not many years before he died one of the concerts in downtown on a Friday night also had a “Mayor Appreciation Night” and all the living ex-mayors of Marietta were there. We sat in our usual place just across from the ropes that separates the elite from us commoners and less than 20 feet from the Flouronoy table. The table was lined with his wife, sons, daughter-in-laws, and at least one grandson.

The family as a whole was caught up in family talk. That is all but the ex-Mayor/ex-Judge/grandfather. He completely focused on his grandson, who looked about 3 or 4 years old.

The little grandson has a remote control little car that looked like a super racer. The ex-Mayor/ex-Judge/grandfather and his grandson walked around the park guiding the car by remote control until his wife told him for them to come back to the table.

Back at the table the ex-mayor/ex-judge/Esquire had his grandson sit next to him and they continued playing with the car on the table.

I wish I had a camera – being a silent unobtrusive observer, I saw it happen: Granddaddy Flouronoy pressed a button on the remote and the car shot down the length of the table, turning over wine glasses, candles, and at least one plate of food…. The old man and the kid let out a laugh together.

So did I. My cover was blown.

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