Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Numbers! Bah!

Numbers that mean something, well, mean something – which means sometimes numbers may be interesting or even depressing.

For instance: My father lived 76 years. My mother lived 77 years. I think I can expect to live about that long, if I watch what I eat and exercise regularly.

I watched what I ate last night; one chunk of medium rare Flo’s Filet’ at a time.

However, I did go on a three mile walk this morning with Willow – and plan to go on a bike ride later today.

At any rate (heart rate, that is), with no unexpected wrecks or major accidents, I expect to live at least until I am 76 or 77. Which is ten or eleven years away.

Ten years is only 120 months. Eleven years is 132 years away.

One hundred and thirty two is not a very big number when each month seems to fly by.

I think you can sit back and enjoy it day by day – or maybe the answer is to be miserable (it will seem to last longer).

Numbers. Bah! Who needs them?



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