Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Atlanta Municipal Auditorium

This is an old post card of the old Atlanta Municipal Auditorium. It more or less has been replaced by the Atlantic Civic Center. It has been taken over Georgia State University, which is next door. According to something I found on Google it is the GSU Alumni Hall.

As a kid we used to go there to see inside circuses, wrestling evens, and many other kind of big crowd getters. It seems Holiday On Ice was held there and maybe went to that once too… maybe not.

If I had a good memory I would have many fund memories there.

Anna and I went to see the opera Rigoletto there. What can I say? Nothing intelligent about the opera – but at the time, reading the program I thought it was pretty good story lilne, although I think I may have nodded off once or twice. I think we probably went as a college class assignment.

It seems awful big to be an alumni hall. Old landmarks like that just don’t remain the same

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Blogger Jean said...

Didn't they have all night sings there? I remember going there to a Gospel Singing in the daytime. I think that's the same day we went to the State Farmer's Market, which used to be one of my favorite places to go, especially when bedding plants and shrubbery were plentiful in spring.

5:30 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I think I do remember all night singing there... or was that at the Omni?

8:09 AM  

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