Monday, October 01, 2007

more Aarrggggg!!

This really happened a year or so ago. I heard it on the news then: A group of modern day pirates actually boarded a cruise ship in the Caribbean and held people at gun point as they robbed them.

The guests of the ships at first thought it was part of a show and good humorously went along with it, winking with tongue in cheek.

I don’t know but maybe that is why AAA told us that cruising on a ship is a cashless business. They give you a type of debit or credit card when you board, which will directly send all your spending to your credit card. There is no reason to have any cash.

I would think if you won a lot of money at the ship’s casino you would be paid in chips which probably would somehow electronically give your credit card credit… but that is not the idea – ideally for them, they had rather take money from the credit card, not put more into it.

The pirate escapade has been at least a year ago. Maybe the thought of it has just about been forgotten or blown away (Well Blow me down… yuk yuk).

I think I saw a Jolly Rogers Tee-shirt and at Spencers or someplace. So, I just might buy me one, and while at Spencers get me one of the Groucho Marx Nose with mustache and Glasses disguise and pull another pirates caper on them. The whole time I will be telling short one-liners and the tourists will think again it is part of the show, as I fleece them.

But course, there is no money only the ship’s credit cards to use for cash – well, I can go on a big spending spree and the ship’s gift shops, throw a few high rollers at the table, and charge some post cards quickly before they realize the joke was on them.


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