Friday, August 03, 2007

Unfocused Brain Fragments

Today is the 215th day of the year with 150 more days to go.

This morning we hit the floor early and was on the go. As we rushed back and forth hurrying to get ready several times I stopped at my computer and was going to elaborate on the first (above). I was too busy getting spruced up to settle and focus to type…. Or, too much coffee, man.

I was planning to add: “Now What?” and go from there, on whatever came to mind… but, nothing came… time was closing in…arrggggg!!!!

So anyway, while out gallivanting today we stopped by Gabriel’s Bakery and Lunch to pickup a birthday cake Anna ordered for her mother. As I mentioned in a previous posting Gabriel’s is the place to be seen at. Our few visits there we have seen smiling politicians.

Mrs. Johnnie Gabriel has been in several magazine articles and a couple weeks ago she was on her cousin Paula Deen’s Party Show.

Today when we parked in the shopping center of Garbriel’s I saw a nicely dressed white headed man walking from his car to the door. He was all smiles. I said to Anna, “The place to be seen.”

We thought while there we would eat lunch. We had to stand in a small line to order. While standing there I saw the white headed nicely dressed man we saw outside about fifteen feet away smiling and talking to Marietta’s Mayor.

Marietta’s Mayor, the way, is not such a snappy dresser. Every time we see him he has on a black and white striped shirt. Surely if he had only one black and white striped shirt it would be faded and getting a little frazzled by now. He must have bought a case of identical shirts wholesale.

Behind the counter over the pa system calling names of people to come to pick up their sandwiches was the pleasant laid back Johnnie Gabriel. She is so relaxed. She must be raging on the inside.

Another thing I wanted to mention was the Minneapolis I-35W Bridge collapse. It was terrible. My first thought was “terrorists?” Apparently not.. But, we Americans can cause our own disasters without any outside help thank you.

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Blogger kenju said...

Did you ever find out who the white-haird guy was?

3:31 PM  
Blogger ET said...

No, but he had pretty white hair like a statesman.... I think he was a cheese eater.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We gotta start spending some dough on our own roads and bridges. Some politicians (Gary Hart for example) have been trying to tell us for decades.....

Shirts----I used to wear the same button down collar blue business shirt to work every day for years- I was known for it- I had 5 of them- one for each week day. Then I got wild and switched to polos- now i wear all different colors! Some people are like that.

2:37 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I agree - I hate to put politics into this tragedy, but Republicans rather for us to keep "our money" - but you got to spend to keep things going.

Shirts - being invisible, I never had to worry about what shirt I wear.

3:43 AM  

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