Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Art of Empowering

The man walked up to the loading dock. He frowned at the little short man with greasy hands and forearms that was wearing an apron.

The little man with the apron smiled and said, “howdy!” The man did not want to waste his time with this little runt.

Man: Sir, I would like to speak to the person in charge of this establishment.
Man with Apron: Ok. Go around the building, and go in the first door. Ask for Mr. Big Shot.

Man goes as directed and meets Mr. Big Shot.

Man: Mr. Big Shot I would like to speak to you about some modifications your company needs to make to stay up with your competition.
Mr. Big Shot: That is good. I have empowered that sort of thing to my number one man, Mr. One. His office is the first one on the right.

The man knocks on Mr. One’s door.

Mr. One: Can I help you?
Man: Yessir, Mr. Big Shot sent me to discuss with you some modifications that will keep you up with your competitors.
Mr. One: That is nice, but actually, I don’t know much about that kind of stuff, I empowered Mr. Hoot to run things like that. You need to talk to him. He is out in the warehouse, in a little office by the shipping door.

The man finds the cramp little office by the big shipping door and sees Mr. Hoot marking things on a clip board. He tells Mr. Hoot he was there to suggest some modifications. Mr. Hoot nodded, asked him to step out side, so while he talked he could smoke.

When they stepped out and the man started talking about his proposed plans, Mr. Hoot halted him while lightening a cigarette.
Mr. Hoot: Hold it right there, you are talking out of my league when you are talking about that sort of stuff. I empowered Harold to make decisions like that. You will find him back inside through the door by the fire extinguisher.

The Man walks through the door to find he is in an employee’s break room. A few workers are sitting around with their lunch boxes eating and watching TV.

Man: I am looking for Harold.
Man With Apron: I’m Harold, what do you need?

Later that evening Mr. Big Shot, Mr. One, and Mr. Hoot are having drinks at their club.

Mr. Big Shot: Boy, today was rough.
Mr. One: Yes, terrible pressure today.
Mr. Hoot: But we got the problem under hand – that is why we make the big bucks!

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Blogger Jean said...

Why Ed Hunter! You and I corresponded back in the early 1990s re Gree'ville Pullen kinfolks. That was before I moved off to the flatlands to eventually become an eremite. Finding your blog today is like some kind of visit home, and I've only read random posts. --Nell C.

7:13 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I am so glad you stumbled over me.
You were a nurse and your husband worked for an airlines I think.
How are your kids?
I hope you all are ok.
Do you have Paul Pullen's book on the genealogy of the Pullens? It is good.
Please write.

7:37 AM  

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