Friday, August 31, 2007

The Nacho Nazi

Above: Photos of Ellen Degeneres and Whoopi Goldberg, taken by Annie Leibovitz.

Today Anna and I took Anna’s ex-coworker (retired) Bridgett to the High Art Museum in Atlanta. It was our 3rd or 4th visit this year. We wanted to treat Bridgett to the Annie Leibovitz photo exhibit before it closes, which is soon.

But while there, we also pretty much covered the whole museum… studied almost every painting and every sculpture.

When we first entered we had to go through some kind of preliminary paper work. Anna took care of that while I looked at the people around us. I was pleasantly surprised to see an old high school class mate K. walk by. I called her name. She looked at me puzzled, trying to figure just who I was and what was I up to.

I told her I was Rock from high school. She remembered me and looked quiet taken back. I didn’t know what to do – should I chew on a sugar cane or something? We hugged. I introduced her to Anna. Bridgett was a few paces away so it would have been awkward to pull her over.

K is a nice success story from what I have read in the papers. She has the prefix Doctor before her name. She is a college professor, has written several fictional books based on real history of the bondage of blacks, and I forgot what else. The important thing is she is not holier-than-thou or pretentious.

Her older brother and I did not get along and had a physical fight, back when we were grammar school age and I think we both held a grudge until his senior year when we went watermelon stealing together one night. Her twin brother I didn’t know that well, he was scholarly, and I was er-well, unscholarly, to say the least.

She was telling me of another brother she has that I didn’t know existed, about 4 years younger.

Also, I had the utmost respect for her mother and father. They have both each of their names household names in the community for themselves helping the less fortunate.

We spent about four hours in the museum. Afterwards it was dinner time. We decided to eat at place my son Rocky told us about called Taquaeria del Sol. Rocky told us if we ever at there, “you better know what you want when it is your time to order”. You stand in line and order and then go sat down and they bring your food. While we were standing in line I asked the lady behind us what would she recommend and she told us. And had a few other suggestions…. Which she added: “You better know what you want when it is your time to order.”… so, we waited in line and went over the menu, weighed her suggestions and was ready to order when it was our time. \

It reminded me of the Soup Nazi on Seinfield.

We all ordered tacos and enchiladas and for starters guacamole that was thick and lumpy with nachos.

After I paid we went to find a place and it just occurred to Anna that we did not get a receipt or a little sign with a number or anything… how will they know what to bring us? She asked a waiter walking by how would they know what we ordered. He smiled and said, ”We’ll know.”

He was right. They brought the right stuff. It was good. Mine was spicy just as I ordered it. We will be back.

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Blogger kenju said...

That photo of Ellen is a scream!

You are making me hungry for Mexican food! I love chimichangas.

5:58 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I love it all!

6:52 PM  

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